Our Services

… We provide a Top cheap-est server administration fees in whole Europe

Our primary service is administration and fixing critical problems with UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows servers.

Our team of server adminsitrators offers a robust 24 hours server support.
The server administration fees are per server.

Here is a list of our services fees:

  • GNU / Linux server system administration – 1 server 50 EUR per month
  • Server support and maintenance of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD 70 EUR/month
  • Microsoft Windows Server NT / 2003 / 2007 etc. 1 server 60 EUR per month

  • Resolving problems with a server specific service – The price starts at 8 EUR per our
  • Resolving overloaded Joomlas and Wordpress – Depending on the ours spend on solving the issue base price is 7.5 EUR man /hour
  • Solving complex problems with Qmail Mail Server delivery – 8.5 EUR per man/hour
  • Remote Administration of FreeBSD / NetBSD / OpenBSD servers – 9 EUR/hour
  • Optimization (tuning for speed) of Heavy Loaded MySQL / PostgreSQL database servers – 8 EUR / working hour
  • Installation configuration, optimization for speed of Squid, Privoxy and other Proxy Servers
  • Resolving degrading performance problems with Microsoft IIS Webserver and MSSQL – 10 EUR/hour
  • Creating full-featured backup solutions – price depends on complexity of backup solution required
  • Linux, Windows Servers performance optimization and creation of performance audit reports
  • Server Internal networks and remote security audit of networks and servers – Server Security auditting – 12 EUR / hour
  • Developing of whole cluster or server group migration plans and policies – 15 EUR / hour
  • Server migration and co-location Consulting – 8 EUR per/ hour
  • IT Counselling for start-up innovative IT companies, developing starter companies rapid growth strategy – Price agreed with client
  • Improving and investigating problems with fail proof critical networks and servers – 18 EUR/h
  • Administration of Virtual Xen and OpenVZ based clusters and individual machines – Price mutually agreed with client
  • Full Stack Orchestration and Automation
  • Application Containerization
  • Migrations from and to Private and Public Clouds
  • Creation and Integration (implementation) of custom infrastructure
  • Continuous Development and Continuous Integration Services
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Encryption of Large amounts of Data and Services Protection
  • Audit of Security of existing Systems and processes
  • Best security practices within the Cloud
  • Nice priced shared hosting and dedicated servers

* There is practically no IT problem that we cannot resolve for your for any specific problem you have please contact us with YOUR INQUIRY
* For non-Europe clients we accept payments in Dollars