Pc-Freak – hip0 personal website – Web journal targetting security development, system administration etc.
hip0 personal blog – Blog discussing matters varying in between system administration, shell scripting, system security, daily misfortunes, every day life, the meaning of life etc
The Free Software Foundation website
Pc-Freak Security – A project for General Open Source Security Contribution
Exploits Spot – Security testing scripts repository
PcFreak BIZ – Website exposing business lies, interesting facts, business secrets and unlawful agendas against humanity
Firmware and Software Downloads for Nokia, Medusa Box, Motorolla Samsung, Microsoft Mobile phone firmwares
FreeBSD Official webpage
Microsoft Developers Network
The Website is Down Funny Website related to system administration Many priceless Articles for various Debian System administration tasks
Enormous collection of Exploits for Testing Security This exploits repository includes a combined mirror of milw0rm, packetstormsecurity and exploit-db
Exploits for Vulnerability testing Proof of Concept and Security Documents Search engine aiming to help in system security administration
Where are the TEXTFILES? Mirror of
Play ASCII Games via Telnet or SSH We system administrators need also enjoyments, doesn’t we?